CPAC’s Three Wise Men?

During CPAC 2014 I enjoyed listening to many speeches.  Here is my impression of three of the speeches I enjoyed the most.

Mike Huckabee

I had never listened to the Honorable Mike Huckabee in person until today.  Knowing his faithful background I really enjoyed listening to him.  I think this country needs a little more God and morals that come with being a good Christian.

Mr. Huckabee talked about things that he knows to be true.  He knows that mothers and fathers raise children better than the government.  There is something wrong when the government kidnaps children from their parents.  Granted, I have seen some cases in which the government did need to intervene, but for the most part I totally agree.

He also wanted to remind Hillary Clinton that in regards to Benghazi…. It DOES make a difference.  It will always make a difference.  One day she might actually realize it.

He is obviously a fair tax fan as he declared that the IRS is a criminal enterprise.  He feels that fair tax will eliminate the IRS.  Personally, I like the idea of eliminating the IRS, but very doubtful its elimination is possible.

He then talked about how he believes that life begins at conceptions.  He feels that our society sacrifices its own children.  He reminded us that EVERY life has his or her own value and no one is expendable.

He finished with talking about how we are losing face in the eyes of the world.  Putin has no fear of the USA as long as we have our current president.  Bottom line is that no one listens to us, no one trusts us, and no one hears us.  Why should they?  We have a pansy boy for a president.  It’s time to scale back the government and stop scaling back the people.

 Oliver North

I love listening to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) speak.  I’ve watched him in interviews, documentaries, I saw him at CPAC St. Louis and again here at CPAC last week.  He is so honorably proud of his country and the men and women protecting this great nation.  He inspires me to do more for my country, more for the men and women in our military.  He reminds us that we should cherish our veterans.  Our veterans deserve so much more that they are getting.

Most of all I like listening to him because he is not afraid to call out the bad things our President is doing to our country, our military and our government.  He is not afraid to say we have a weak president when it comes to defending our country and standing up to other nations.  He tries to call a spade, a spade.

During his speech, Mr. North told us that he believes we have the finest military force he have ever known.  He reminds us they are volunteering to protect us from an enemy that is dying to kill us.  Our enemy is dying to kill us…think about that statement; powerful!  We must never forget what our past military has done and what our current military is doing for us everyday.  We need to watch over our military weather they are past or present, injured or healthy.

He continued his speech with our present government.  He states we need a leader that will insist in a rule of the law instead of making up rules of his own.  We deserve more from our leader.  We need to reject spending our way out of debt.  He ended by reminding us that the election is 240 days away.  We need to make a vow today to elect great people that will stand up for our freedoms.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Standing with Rand

Yes, at CPAC 2014, I watched a standing-room-only crowd stand with Rand.  The crowd was energized with his presence.  Of course the crowd was energized, his staff had started a buzz about him the day before.   Although campaign activity is not permitted at CPAC, there were plenty of Stand with Rand stickers.  It is obvious he is running for president in 2016.

At CPAC there is always a lot of chatter about the upcoming elections, be it Senate, Congress or Presidential…especially Presidential.  It seemed there were two future candidates, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul.

Although many feel that Christie’s speech was more powerful than the senator’s, the buzz was still about Rand Paul.  Bottom line, it came down to product marketing.  Whoever is running the Rand Paul effort is hitting the nail on the head.  At every entrance at CPAC there were a few young, eager, conservative Rand fans passing out stickers, posters and t-shirts.  There was someone that was scanning ID badges for a private diner with Rand.  It seemed like there was a stand with Rand something everywhere you look.  Walking down the hallways, I saw people wearing stickers, t-shirts and other Rand giveaways.

My question is…can they keep it up through 2016 elections?  Can we keep this love of liberty momentum going?  This is the type of buzz that can get a Republican elected to the presidential office.  As conservatives, we need to keep this buzz.  We need to wear our badges of support back home with us.  We need to keep a buzz going.  We need to stand for something.