RE: Culture: Capitalism, The Left, & Japan

You know, Radicals, sometimes I’m baffled by the Left.  They yell and scream about sexual-preference-based hiring discrimination here in the states, yet they turn a blind eye to the awful, and oftentimes deadly conditions the LGBTQ community has to contend with in the Middle East. (Except for that one place that the Left protests against all the time… what’s it called again? Oh, right, Israel.)

In a similarly tone-deaf burst of outrage, Huffpo, Upworthy, and some of the other liberal Internet hidey-holes are all up in arms over… a wrapper.

No, that wasn’t a typo, the Left hasn’t suddenly had an epiphany about the blatant sexism and homophobia in rap culture; their outrage is pointed at this clearly sexist burger containment apparatus:20131105-12021013-2013-11-05_1201

Nope.  Not kidding.

There are people out there who actually feel that this innovative wrapper, which provides a very specific service to Japanese women, is somehow sexist.  Due to cultural weirdness (which is ignored by the Left when it comes to the aforementioned Middle East) there’s a thing called “Ochobo” in Japan that has women trying to minimize the appearance of their mouths.  I won’t speculate about the reasoning behind this phenomenon, it appears to have a long history, but if trends in Japan are anything like they are here, then I suppose that means that “The Rachel” was also sexist.


Oh 90′s, where have you gone?

Actually, that analogy fits pretty well, because just as hairstylists across the United States capitalized on the advent of “The Rachel”, so too are the marketing geniuses at “Freshness Burger” capitalizing off of their Ochobo-friendly packaging.  In fact, after the wrap was implemented, the sales for their “Classic Burger” among female customers jumped a whopping  213% compared to the previous month’s number.

Tripling your sales in a desirable demographic by making that demographic feel more desirable?  Yes please!

Of course, that’s not how the Left sees it.  They’re far too busy being offended by the “regressive Japanese culture” making women feel embarrassed to show their opened mouths to understand that women are going to Freshness Burger and seeking out this product of their own volition.  It’s funny, there are theocratic states out there that
force women to be subordinate to men, require that their ENTIRE BODIES be covered, and yet the Left would rather go toe to toe with a minor quirk in Japan.  Oh, and in some of those countries, the ladies in question wouldn’t even be allowed to DRIVE THEMSELVES to enjoy a classic burger behind the confines of their “Liberation Wrappers”.

That’s something to jot down, the Left seems only to care about religious culture when they’re frightened that somebody might blow them up.  It’s also probably why they’re “brave” enough to try to pass “ENDA” (Which I’ll be discussing on this Saturday’s Radical Round Table) the oh-so-pc sounding Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would leave business owners liable if they choose to not hire somebody based on that person’s sexual preference.  It remains to be seen how one would prove that they were prevented from being hired based on which team they play for, though I suspect that religious business owners will be targeted with more than a few lawsuits.

The whole ENDA debate again proves that the Left doesn’t have a clue about capitalism.  Just like they don’t understand that women are exercising their right to chose to eat at Freshness Burger, they also don’t get that the appearance of bigotry is enough to stop a business in its tracks. In this day and age of Twitter, Yelp!, FourSquare, and the rest of their ilk, news of a bigoted business owner can and does get out fast.  That should be incentive enough for a business to make the right choice when it comes to their hiring practices.  If it isn’t, then they get to feel the wrath of the consumer scorned, which is generally not good for the business owner’s bank account.

But instead of letting people make their own choices and deal with the consequences, the Left wants to make our choices FOR us.

Because you are too damn stupid to know what’s right and what’s wrong.