Caesar has decreed

Last night Caesar decreed amnesty President Obama declared his executive action on immigration.  While this violates everything he said in the past, even Jay Carney admits that it does, the President stated that NOW is the time to act on this critical issue.  This just a bare two weeks after getting shellacked in the 2014 election.

There will be considerable debate about whether the President’s actions are unconstitutional.  I’m not here to add to that debate nor address the ‘Reagan did it’ crowd.  I believe David Harsanyi’s quote and the article he references does that perfectly.

No, the president didn’t kill the process all by himself. Bush did it! Reagan did it! True or not, twenty years from now, the minions of some Republican Napoleon will be screaming ‘Obama did it!’ And they’ll have a sad story or a chilling warning that will justify why it’s ok. 

And this quote captures why the President’s actions are destructive to our Democratic Republic.

The rule of law is important as it allows for equal treatment under said law.  When we fail to respect the rule of law, then we become subject to the vagaries of whomever is in office.  Tacit approval of the President’s actions legitimizes similar behavior from all future Republican Presidents. 

Tacit approval of the President’s actions legitimizes similar behavior from all future Republican Presidents. 

Imagine a future President justifying his actions based on what this President is doing now.  Imagine policies that you utterly despise being enacted and enforced or not enforced simply because he doesn’t like them.  Imagine a Republican President defunding Obamacare without Congress.  The actions taken by President Obama set the stage for such an occurrence.

While a Republican President might seem far-fetched, consider the elections of 2010 and 2014.  What was supposed to be 40 years of Democrats dominating the House and Senate starting in 2008 turned into the Republicans owning both chambers in just 6 short years.

President Obama’s executive action is a huge slap in the face to legal immigrants and says that following the rule of law doesn’t matter.

If you entered this nation illegally you’ll receive amnesty but those who have followed the law, who have followed the process legally, who have respected our laws and have yet to enter the nation are insulted and robbed.  Want to be an American citizen?  Jump the border and do it illegally, the hell with the law.  That’s the message this sends to the world.

If fact, many LEGAL immigrants are livid at the President, his announcement, and feel insulted by his condescending attitude. They followed the rules, obeyed the law, and were just told that the whims of our President trump said law.  What would you say to those legal immigrants who followed the rules?

If it’s about compassion, where is the compassion for our sick vets that are being abused by a broken system?  Where is the outrage at that broken system our President promised to fix before taking office and yet remains broken even today?  Our citizens are supposed to be his priority, not the citizens of other nations.  Our own citizens who defended our freedoms and liberty are disregarded while those who flaunt our laws are richly rewarded with tax subsidies paid for by American Citizens.

When veterans who fight and die for the country are given worse treatment by this administration than those who come here illegally, you set the stage for revolt.  You might ask for a measured response but relatives of abused veterans are a vocal bunch that cannot be silenced or appeased despite your political pandering.

As for the myth that those 5 million immigrants are here to do jobs that Americans won’t do, I’d like to bury that with one single line.  Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.  The entire series puts to the lie the myth that there are jobs Americans won’t do.

As for the myth that those 5 million immigrants are here to do jobs that Americans won’t do, I’d like to bury that with one single line.  Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

The employment rate might be low but equally as low is the labor force participation rate.  People have simply given up looking for work because there is none.  Please tell those deeply discouraged Americans why several million illegal immigrants take priority over them. People are going to be angry that opportunity was stolen from them and given to lawbreakers for simple political gain.

Illegal immigrants aren’t hiding in the shadows, they are flagrantly violating our laws in the open, comfortable in the knowledge that no action will be taken against them.  Many immigrants don’t seek to integrate into this nation, they seek to exploit this nation for all they can gain from it as loyal citizens to other nations.  They seek only to exploit the opportunities they can find here with no intention of ever becoming part of this nation.  Their loyalties lie elsewhere, not with this people.

If President Obama really wanted to affect change to the immigration policies of this nation, he would work within the system to do so.  He would have submitted bills to Congress for debate and approval.  Chances were good that the reforms he suggested would have passed through Congress and been signed into law when the Democratic Party had control of both bodies of Congress.  He submitted no such bill for passage.

He could submit a bill to Congress and lobby heavily to the American people and Congress for its passage.  Yet, he chooses not to do this; instead, he usurps the power of the legislative branch by expanding the power of the executive branch.  Such usurpations tear apart the fabric of our Republic, destroy the justice built into the rule of law, and move us dangerously close to tyranny.

While your support for President Obama’s executive action might be driven from compassion, it is tacit approval for tyranny.  Such action has no place in a republic, no matter the cause.


  1. Regent Brown says:

    While I disagree with many of your points, I do agree that reform of all systems is mandatory. You cant make an all sweeping change in one part of a broken system and expect the system to work. Until we are ready to dismantle the whole broken system and address all the broken pieces such decisions will continue to polarize, demoralize and undermine our success as a nation.