Burning Books to Save the Library

There once was a library, a beautiful, busy award-winning library.  Unfortunately times were hard.  The City of Troy Michigan was still spending at the levels they had spent when times were better.  So it scheduled a vote, asking the townspeople to approve a tax increase purportedly for the library.  This angered a group of citizens tired of being compelled to support the city’s reckless spending, because times were hard for them, too.

This infuriated the left, because they thought that because they wanted a library, and a pension fund, and a transit center, and a public golf course, and numerous other “public goods” that they had agitated for in the good times, that all the citizens should be compelled to pay higher taxes to keep them in the hard times.  The citizens weren’t getting large raises; many of them were losing their jobs.  They were being squeezed, and squeezed hard.  But with the city headed for bankruptcy, the library director wanted more – even wanting to send library staff “out into the community and interact and find out what people need, not what you think they need.”

But the hard times the citizens were experiencing didn’t matter to the left.  They were hell-bent on forcing the citizens to pay more taxes.  So instead of funding a campaign to rally people to donate to the library, instead of spending time and effort bringing the community together to support the library, instead of using resources directly for a positive end, they started a nasty, misleading campaign to manipulate voters.

This is what they created:

I’ll let you digest that, and add your comments below.  But here are my initial thoughts:

This campaign was never about saving the library; it was about manipulating people to agree to higher taxes for some popular “public good”, one that could easily be funded privately.  However, it’s much less fun, exciting, sexy, and antagonistic to tea party types to run a “support the library” campaign.  It’s far more interesting, divisive, and devious (not to mention better on a political agitator’s resume) to run a fake “book burning” campaign that catches international attention.

Ask yourself whether the current GOP leadership at any level has the knowledge, will, or capability to fight campaigns structured the way this one was.

If not, ask yourself who DOES have the ability to fight this kind of campaign, and how?

We don’t have the ability, or often the stomach, to fight like this.

Finally, join me for On The Line Tuesday at 10 pm Eastern as we examine the Battleground Texas plan to Turn Texas Blue.  I guarantee these tactics will be in use more and more as the big spenders study and employ them in other locations.