Brussels and #NeverTrump

As I awoke this morning to the news of the multiple attacks in Brussels, a lot of things rushed to mind. Not only sympathy for our friends in Belgium, but a reminder of how much worse it could be in this War on Terror. Every time I hear about a bomb attack I imagine what would happen if it was a dirty bomb. I imagine just how much worse the carnage and death could be, and I’m reminded that the terrorists groups want the next bomb to be a dirty bomb, or worse, a nuclear bomb.

We don’t know if this was the work of al-Qaeda or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or some other group. If it’s ISIS, it’s yet another reminder that the feckless nature of both America’s and Russia’s efforts to degrade ISIS haven’t been good enough. And make no mistake; after an opening flourish from Russia in its efforts to help Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, Vladimir Putin’s military hasn’t done much to ISIS, instead focusing itself on opponents of Assad in the Syrian civil war.

Brussels is one of the more important cities in Europe. It’s not only where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is based but it’s the home of the European Union; not just the powerful commission, but the usual home of the European Parliament. So this is a serious attack, and it’s another reminder of why I’m #NeverTrump.

On Monday in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, wanted to lessen America’s footprint in the world and its burden in NATO. It didn’t even take 24 hours to show the folly of both of those viewpoints. I understand well why Americans are tired of fighting all over the world and leading the War on Terror. It doesn’t help when the current President doesn’t show much interest in fighting or even talking about radical Islam and jihad.
But Trump is not the answer to this problem. NATO is already suffering from bad European leadership that is more interested in turning the European Union into a superstate. Electing an American president that would de-emphasize the most successful military alliance in world history would be a grave mistake.

It’s been my view for some time that only American troops back in Iraq and Syria can put an end to ISIS. For me, the best way would be an American-led effort through NATO working with the Kurdish military and with Arab allies that are willing to send troops and provide other means of support. A strong American president can make that happen. An American president who shows clarity of vision and purpose can convince these disparate groups to come together for the goal of getting rid of ISIS. Trump doesn’t have that vision or clarity; he’s only interested in turning American into a fortress, as if that will stop the terrorists from coming over here and wreaking mayhem and chaos.

There needs to be a complete change of leadership both in Europe and at home. Too many leaders in Europe are more concerned with protecting the European Union than they are its citizens. German chancellor Angela Merkel mishandled the migrant crisis in the worst way possible. And blood is on her hands because of it. We know this because the arrest in Belgium Monday of Salah Abdeslam, one of the masterminds of the Paris attacks, also came with the news that one of the others arrested that was instrumental to the execution of the attack was a Syrian migrant who came over after Ms. Merkel invited everyone to come to Europe. Merkel made a grievous error volunteering everyone’s compassion without a plan first to be able to vet the migrants in an orderly process. The voters in Germany need to remove her from office and put someone in that will not only make the safety and security of Germans a priority but make a strong response to terrorism in the Middle East a priority.

Wracked by bureaucracy and dreams of becoming a superstate, the European Union is incapable of protecting the citizens it purports to represent. As many countries as can throw off the yoke of the EU need to do so. Then they can act in their own interest and hopefully work with the US to help us defeat ISIS.

My heart breaks for the people of Brussels, they are the victims of evil people that believe in radical jihad that wishes to subjugate or kill everyone that doesn’t follow their religious precepts. They are also the victims of leaders, some who they have no say in electing and can’t remove. They have been failed by their leaders and sadly our leaders. Americans are going to the polls to select candidates for the presidential election this November. Please elect a person that understands this threat and is willing to do what is right to neutralize it, even if it’s not popular. The safety of hundreds of millions of people all over the world depend on it.