Bring me Shrubberies

With the scandalpalooza rocking Washington DC and the nation, one of the excuses being trotted out by those on the left is “This is Bush’s fault. They started under him.”

I’m going to concede that you are right.  “HA! You agree,  I win!”  Wrong.  “What?!?  You just said you agree?!”  Actually, I am conceding that these programs DID start under Bush.  I am NOT conceding that these scandals are Bush’s fault.  They did start under Bush but this is not his fault; that rests solely on President Obama’s shoulders.

We are not a few months into the President’s first term; we are in his second term.  He’s had close to five years to fix these issues.  In fact, as a candidate then Senator Obama spoke out against these policies.  Have a look.

Obviously, I didn’t vote for the Senator that year.  However, in watching this I have to say I completely agree with him.  I know, you’re probably in shock now with my having agreed with you twice.  But now I’m challenging you.

If you agree with Senator Obama, then you need to hold President Obama accountable.  He’s had 5 years to fix these issues.  Rather than resolve the issues he addressed as a candidate, President Obama has doubled down on the policies of President George Bush.

I understand cheering for your guy, for the one you voted for.  However, there comes a time to hold that individual accountable for their actions.  Five years is a long time to fix the issues the candidate you voted for in 2008 campaigned to change.  Bush may have started things but Obama has had ample opportunity to fix things, instead he has continued them.  He’s as much to blame as his predecessor.

I understand the disappointment you’re probably feeling and you’re probably expecting me to say I told you so.  Nope.  It’s hard enough seeing your candidate betray you, harder to hold them to account for it.  Rather, I’m simply asking you to stop living in denial and help us fix the problems by holding the current President to account. You might be surprised to learn how much we agree.