Lazy Words That Will Guarantee You Will Be Challenged

As Free Radicals, we believe our thinking must be challenged regularly to strengthen our ability to defend what we believe. If we’re talking only to the echo chambers, to the people who agree with us, we’re not going to improve our game.

We’re vehement supporters of free speech;  we believe that more speech, not less, is better.  That said, we also believe sometimes words mean different things to different people, and some words have lost all effective meaning in their overuse and over-application.

So we’ve created a list of words, phrases, and arguments that we think represent lazy thinking. We try not to use them, and if you use them, we guarantee you’ll be challenged on them. We’ll ask you to define the word or phrase, back something up with sources, or find a different way to say what you mean. We don’t do lazy here, and we don’t want you to, either.

  • Alex Jones
  • “Birthers”
  • “Conservative”
  • “Fact checking”
  • “I’m more _______ than you”
  • “Neocon”
  • “Paulbot” or derivatives thereof
  • Purity tests
  • “Racial code”
  • “RINO”
  • “Tea party”
  • “The truth is…”
  • “Truthers”
  • World Net Daily
  • “You’re wrong” without a corresponding “Here’s why”