Dirty Sexy (Local) Politics – Updated

THIS VIDEO was sent to me recently, outlining the amazing ground organization that has been coordinated in Wisconsin.  Given the victories there over the past couple of years, I believe it’s worth studying what has happened in Wisconsin in order to replicate it elsewhere.   This is important for two reasons….


Bringing the Drama

You may or may not know that in real life (i.e. the few hours in which I’m not feeding my internet addiction) I teach drama in an after-school program.  People who don’t know that are a little surprised to find that out.  “What?  A conservative in the arts?  And TEACHING?” …


Celebrating 40 Years of Roe v. Wade

At eighteen, I was just through with my first year of college, working and goofing off in the summer, living away from home for the first time.  I was clubbing, drinking, and getting value for every bit of my freedom.  And then the test came back positive. “Oh, God, what…


Drew’s Mad Minute – Piers Morgan – Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey, everybody.  Monday, today, I’m starting to get a little peeved by a certain Brit.  Okay, you’ve worn out your welcome, Dude.  Here’s the thing: we kicked your ass 250 years ago.  Shut the F up, all right?  It’s not for YOU to tell US what we need.  Your damned…


The Rally Cap

So this conversation happened in my Twitter feed today, initiated by a tea party leader: TPL: “Is someone planning an anti-Obama rally at the state capitol on Inauguration Day?” ME: “Good God, I hope not.” TPL: “While I understand your sentiment, average Const and gun loving Americans feel different.” ME:…


The View of the “Conservative Woman”

Recently a friend said to me that he wanted to know what the conservative woman’s perspective was.  I really didn’t know what to answer.  I’m sure I don’t know. Not that I’m not a conservative woman; I am.  But he made me think about that a lot.  How do I…


What’s In A Name?

In Iceland, quite a bit actually. Meet Blaer.  Pretty girl.  Pretty name.  But it’s a name that doesn’t appear on the Personal Names Register, therefore she is not allowed to use it.  Blaer and her mother are suing the government for the right to use the name she’s had since…


Fishie’s Reading List

Ideas come from everywhere, and everyone has their views shaped from countless sources.  Occasionally, though, something you’ve read, or seen, or heard makes such an impression that you want to tell others about it.  That’s how I feel about this list.  I read.  A lot.  And a lot of my…


“Banned” Words

Lazy Words That Will Guarantee You Will Be Challenged As Free Radicals, we believe our thinking must be challenged regularly to strengthen our ability to defend what we believe. If we’re talking only to the echo chambers, to the people who agree with us, we’re not going to improve our…