Armageddon It


I am writing this article to announce that I am a god.   <—  Small g, no offense to the Big Man.

Why would I make such a bold statement of conviction?  Because I have survived all the known apocalypses, armageddons, doomsdays, Judgment Days, and Ends of the World.  Here’s a small list of all those catastrophe’s I’ve survived.


  • End of the Mayan Calendar
  • Global cooling
  • Y2K
  • The election of Bush
  • The Ozone layer
  • The reelection of Bush
  • Climate Change
  • The election of Obama
  • Global warming
  • Half a dozen comets
  • The last/next election
  • Planetary alignment
  • The reelection of Obama
  • The Rapture
  • Fat
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • The bill that did/didn’t pass congress
  • Ragnarok – The Norse Armageddon
  • The SOTU address
  • Dogs and Cats, living together
  • Obama
  • Boehner


Wait.  I apologize.  Those last two are the harbingers of the apocalypse, the Anti-Christ who brings about the end of the world, not the actual end of the world.  My bad.

Does all of this seem utterly ridiculous?  It should and my response to each has been the same.  Sadly, there are plenty of people that believe with conviction that at least one of those items above is true.  Which brings me to my point.

I’ve reached my fill of this nonsense.

This week President Obama gave his State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress.  In it he outlined things that we wanted.  Let’s call it a wish list, and let’s be even more honest, that’s exactly what it is.  Take a look at how often proposals made in the SOTU are actually enacted.  Notice that our current President hasn’t passed much since 2010?  Do you feel a little better about that?

Because every single time I read a post or an article or a tweet from a conservative or Republican that announces the how awful something is, all I hear is this:  Game over, man.

It’s not the end of the world, despite what you’ve heard.  We’ve been on the verge of the apocalypse forever.  Reminds me of the quote by Alan Mulally, who told employee groups at Ford Motor Company, ‘We have been going out of business for 40 years.’  Well, based on the political rhetoric, it’s been the end of the world damn near every single day.

Are there serious issues to address?  Yes.  Is the sky falling, was Chicken Little right?  Actually, no, no he wasn’t.   But when conservatives act like it is falling, they end up sounding like Chicken Little’s dad.  You can only cry Chicken Little so much before you become the Boy Who Cried Wolf and people stop listening to you.

Does it all seem rather ridiculous?  Silly?  Laughable?  It should be.

What bothers me most about all of this is not that people think it’s the end, it’s how often Conservatives embrace that belief.  That embrace is almost always followed by a statement about how much we need another Ronald Reagan.  To be honest, I think the Gipper would be very disappointed.

His entire message was one of hope and a brighter future.  It’s morning again in America.  This message wasn’t about a bright shining leader who brought the hope.  We have that now and let’s be completely honest, he hasn’t brought any.  Reagan’s point was about the people of this nation building something amazing again.  We brought that light, not him.

I’m hoping the irony of this doesn’t escape you.

Reagan inspired people because he inspired them to believe in themselves.  This nation rose and succeeded because we believed in something, ourselves.  In this time of self-doubt, conservatives need to stop being Debbie Downers, they need to start being Ronald Reagans.

Give people something to believe in.  Give them confidence.  Stop looking for another Reagan and BE Reagan.  You don’t have to lead the nation to lead a cause.  You don’t have to be in charge to inspire people.

I understand the depth of what we face.  I understand why it all seems so urgent.  Do you understand that there are setbacks?  Do you understand that even great successes meet great failures?  The Battle of the Bulge in World War 2 was a HUGE failure on the part of General Eisenhower.  Based on what I read, he should have been primaried for that failure.

Some of our officials ought to be replaced.  But demanding that it happen on a shoestring campaign that started 3 weeks before the election or that the Speaker be replaced by others that put their name out there a mere week before the vote, is lunacy.

Start your campaign to find a solid replacement for Boehner now, not 3 weeks before the election.  Start the process to replace the Speaker the day after the election, not the day before the vote.  Start being the Party of For, for a brighter future, for lower taxes and more money in pockets, for less Gov’t regulation and interference, for more freedom.  Start realizing that laws CAN be repealed, even Constitutional Amendments, it just takes a lot of work.  Start realizing the amount of work, and time, that it will take and settle in for a long haul.  Start realizing it IS morning in America again.  Not because of some politician, but because of you.  Start realizing that it is morning and it’s going to get brighter.  Give people something to believe in and you’ll be shocked how many follow you.

The day won’t be perfect, but it will be a good day because you make it that way.

Of course, you can choose to ignore the advice this god has to give you and believe that Odin will perish at Ragnarok.  If so, might I suggest R.E.M as the starting song for your soundtrack.


  1. Peter Ream says:

    And this screen cap captures my point exactly. LOL

  2. Trish Proulx says:

    Peter Ream, just so you know, you have an extra “was” in the 1st chicken little reference.

  3. Great post, Brass. If I may – it was only missing one thing, that I was positive I’d find if I read onward, but never did…

  4. Peter Ream says:

    Thanks, Joe. What did I miss?

  5. “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism” 😉