An Open Letter to the Political Left

I would ask you to set aside your instant biases and honestly assess what I am about to say. Rather than excoriate you, I want to ask you some honest questions. I don’t expect answers; I simply want you to think long and hard about what I ask. Call it a gut check.

Let’s start with the list of scandals the Obama Administration is dealing with.

1. Fast and Furious

This scandal has all but disappeared after the President claimed executive privilege over the DOJ’s documents. Why is it important? Guns were run across the US/Mexican border and as a result over 300 deaths can be directly attributed to those guns, including a US Border Agent. More information about it can be found here.

2. Benghazi

Four Americans, including a US Ambassador, are dead. The scandal isn’t about death, it’s about why nothing was done to help our fellow Americans. I find one bit of news MOST noteworthy. One of the whistleblowers was demoted and the line most used against him is that he’s bitter and has an axe to grind. This whistleblower was a huge Hillary supporter and voted for President Obama in both elections. I find it difficult to believe that such an individual suddenly has an axe to grind.

3. AP Phone tapping

The Department of Justice tapped the phones of the Associate Press. There is strong evidence to suggest the Constitution was violated, that Eric Holder personally signed off on the taps, despite the denials from the White House. The AP calls it Sinister and Chilling.

I strongly encourage you to listen to what Judge Andrew Napolitano has to say. You might be surprised to learn he opposes the Patriot Act as a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. I agree with him.

4. IRS audits

The IRS scandal may not seem like a big deal to you; however, let me remind you that using the IRS to target political enemies is one of the items for which Nixon was to be impeached. Despite the insistence that this was limited to a field office, evidence is mounting that Washington D.C. knew about the practice as early as 2011. This may bleed further into the US Senate as Democrats there pressured the IRS to target conservative organizations.

It was far more than simply Tea Party groups being targeted. Romney supporters were targeted, Frank VanderSloot was audited 3 times in 4 months which cost him $80,000. Oh, and interestingly his taxes actually went down as a result of those audits. Think it was just right wing groups? Pro-Israel Jewish groups were targeted, as well as Larry Conners, a St. Louis Reporter who gave a difficult interview to the President in April of 2012. In addition, a prominent Catholic Professor was targeted after speaking out against Obama. And finally, Progressive groups are claiming the IRS passed information to them.

The IRS appointee was a Bush appointee but if such an appointee was terrible, why not replace said individuals? Honestly, it sounds like a ‘blame Bush’ meme that is old, tired, and irrelevant. He’s had a full term and is now in his second; at what point does ANY of this become his responsibility?

5. Obamacare and Kathleen Sebelius

His signature piece of legislation is a boondoggle by the very definition of the word. The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is anything BUT affordable. Rates are rising as much as 100% due to the passage of the bill which was supposed to prevent this. Second, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been asking private companies involved in health care to contribute money to Enroll America, a nonprofit that works to implement the Affordable Care Act. This is in clear violation of her oath of office. Third, when this is connected to the IRS scandal is gets much worse. The IRS is supposed to enforce parts of the ACA, yet now has a proven record of abuse. If it doesn’t work, why defend it? Honestly, continuing to defend this piece of legislation is a lot like being in an abusive relationship and continuing to make excuses for it.

You can read more details on these scandals from Ace of Spades and Buck Sexton.

Obama was supposed to be the antithesis of Bush, the antiseptic to scandals like this. If so, why are such scandals happening? He suggested that it’s dumb not to trust the government, yet there are rumors that these are not the last of the scandals that will be exposed.

Ask yourself honestly, if all of these scandals had happened while a Republican was President, how many of you would be calling for impeachment and removal from office? If so, why do you choose to defend this man and his administration when you’d excoriate another? If you feel these are minor inconveniences, then I have to ask you if something similar happens with a Republican President, does that make it ok? If not, why the double standard?

At what point do you surrender your emotional attachment and embrace intellectual honesty? Even Jon Stewart can no longer justify what is happening.

The White House has claimed no knowledge of any of these scandals. That’s 5 scandals and the President says he doesn’t know what’s going on. Is he such an inept leader that he doesn’t know what is happening in his Administration? At what point do we simply ask such a man this inevitable question? “What would you say, you do here?”

As more evidence is revealed in the coming weeks and months, I ask you to honestly assess what you see. Is this the government you expected? Is this an Administration you admire? But most of all, is this the leadership you were expecting from President Obama and his Administration?

Maybe it’s time to consider a divorce.